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If you’re going through a divorce or custody dispute, you’re facing one of the most challenging things you’ve encountered. I know because I was a divorce and family law attorney and mediator. My name is Brette Sember.  I represented parents and children in divorce and family court, and also worked with families as a mediator to help them resolve their issues themselves.  After retiring from my practice, I began to create books and articles to help people who are dealing with divorce and custody. Here are the books I’ve written about this topic that you may be interested in:

The Complete Divorce Guide

15 Ways to Improve Your Co-Parenting

How to Get Custody of Your Dog

How to Win Your Custody Case

The Key to Your Custody Case: Win Over the Law Guardian or Guardian ad litem

The No-Fight Divorce Book: Use Mediation to End Your Marriage Peacefully

Parenting Together Apart: For the Residential Parent

Parenting Together Apart: For the Non-Residential Parent

Save Money on Your Divorce: Real Ways to Reduce the Costs

Rebuild Your Financial Life After Divorce: Advice about Credit, Taxes, Mortgages, Retirement, Child Support, Alimony and More



The blogs and articles on this site are copyrighted and may not be reprinted without permission. Please feel free to link to anything.


You can reach me at info@solvedivorce.com.


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Legal Disclaimers

This blog is designed to offer information and help to you as you work through the changes in your life and your family. Because I am no longer a practicing attorney, I cannot offer you personal legal advice, but I can give legal information, and that’s what this blog is designed to do. You can learn so much on your own that will help you make decisions in your case. Each state has different laws and procedures though, so I recommend you consult with an attorney to discuss the particulars of your case and your state’s laws to make sure you’re following the right path for you.

The information on this blog is designed to give you a broad overview of the current state of the law about topics on the blog and is provided for basic information purposes only. Laws differ in each state and are constantly evolving and changing and no blog or website can be completely up to date and accurate. It is important to consult with an attorney in your state to understand the laws that apply to you and obtain personal advice. This blog is not a substitute for legal advice.

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